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Food Shoot @ Smoochies Bistro and Bar

Posted in Random Thoughts with tags on June 13, 2009 by gaz0307

13 JUN 2009

Smoochies Bistro and Bar… Took some food photos for their current menu today. The presentation of the spread was simply awesome… Smoochies Bistro and Bar is now on Facebook… Become a fan to receive updates on up-coming events and current promotions. Check out pictures of some of the scrumptious selections on their current menu there too… Enjoy some soothing live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in their alfresco garden area…

Smoochies Bistro & Bar

Smoochies Bistro & Bar

Read my previous reviews on Smoochies here & here… Five items high on my recommendation list: Smoochies Crispy Chicken Wings, Beef Carpaccio in a Soy-Foie Gras Truffle Dressing, Any of their Pizzas with extra cheese, Baked Pork Ribs, and their Honey-Soya Chilean Cod! 

Smoochies may be hard to find if you are unfamiliar with the area… However, you can call 62767337 for direction and for reservations… Enjoy!

991B Alexandra Road, #01-10, Singapore


Reservist… ICT… New mates… and New Flat!

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16th FEB to 27th DEC

Finally… I am called up to serve the nation as a reservist… Its a brand new feeling being called back for the first time after 14 years. Initially, I was all excited… but slightly fearful of whats installed. However I was pleasantly surprised. It was VERY interesting and it was really hard work for the whole of the 2 weeks. Literally no time to sit around! Got to know a few good men too!

Pinnacle @ Duxton...

Pinnacle @ Duxton...

The dream of getting a place of our own is a step closer now… We were called up to choose a flat in one of our earlier ballots (when HDBwas priced during the peak). But is it a price that is worth paying… to call Tanjong Pagar home…? Pinnacle @ Duxton… I guess only time will truly tell… 

Unwinding… and the Break is over…

Posted in Random Thoughts, Travels with tags on November 13, 2008 by gaz0307

Just returned from Hong Kong… and 2 weeks flew by just like that!!

It was a great trip visiting Maggie’s family, relatives and all the fooooood…

So many pictures to sort through…

Maggies Mom - (Linda)

Maggie's Mom - (Linda)

Maggies Dad (大哥成)

Maggie's Dad (大哥成)

I havn’t even dare step on the scale. I bet I gained at least 5 pounds pigging out (Over 95KG for sure!!!) Lets see…

Whoa!! Still hovering around 93KG… thats a miracle considering the amount of food ordered every meal!!

Will be busy with Back Blogging 🙂 Fun fun fun!!

Dominic Yu

Dominic Yu

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Hong Kong… Here we come!!

Posted in Random Thoughts, Travels with tags , on October 30, 2008 by gaz0307

Woooo Hooo!! Hong Kong!! Here we come…

All Ready to Fly...

All Ready to Fly...

Hong Kong 3K695

Hong Kong 3K695

All Packed!!

All Packed!!

Going to visit the in-laws and really to ‘officiate’ our marriage of two years in Hong Kong with a tea-ceremony & mini-wedding ceremony. Can’t wait!

Too bad my side of the family cannot be there (except for my uncle & his family- maternal side)

So much to do in Hong Kong… so strapped for cash already… hehehee… I think I am going to be broke till 2009…

Happy Second Anniversay

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How time flies… I remember this time last year, we were miles apart from each other… You got a job in Singapore and I was drowning in papers, trying to tie up my PhD alone in Melbourne… Ahhh… Has it been a year already?

I thought we’d be able to properly celebrate for this year, but alas, this week is clouded by the passing of GrandDad… Well, let’s see what comes of tonight. We really should do something…

A leap into the unknown

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16 OCT 2008

I have always been fascinated by the concept of Blogging. I guess we all have to start somewhere… Lets see how this thing drives…


Hmmmm… the initial surge of information available for blogging in the beginning is indeed mountainous. I am sure this is experienced by most. Sifting through whats worth blogging (my whole life before today), but I guess the past has passed, and I will start blogging the passing moments prodically starting from this instance.

So welcome to my passing momentos. In it will be a collection of entries experienced by me and my wife (Wifey). Hope whoever comes by enjoys what I put out there.

To end, a little something that I have been working on… a Bridal Calendar in the making to be given out on our Lunch Reception in Singapore and in Hong Kong.

Jan2009 - Jun2009

Jul2009 - Dec2009