Isetan Private Sale, Picking the Keys, & Clearing Defects…

18 DEC 2009

D-Day… Key Collection… But before that, we have to survive the Isetan private sale!!

If there’s a sale to save up for, it got to be this huge sale!! It starts at 8:30 am, I thought we were Kiasu to be there before 8:00 am… but the queue was already TOO LONG. Now I am wondering… what time does one have to get there to be FIRST in the queue… Hmmm…

We were focused. Very focused… and in 2 hours, we managed to go through three waves of buying and got all that we wanted to get from Isetan with at least an overall saving of 50% regular retail price. I even managed to get a DKNY pants for $30 (less than 10% original price) and two DKNY long sleeved Tee for $10 each…

Rushed home and rush to HDB hub for our appointment at 1 pm. Went through all the paperworks… and we were off to our new place… Pinnacle @ Duxton.

Pinnacle @ Duxton - our new address...

The place was small. Can’t expect too much from 91 sqm… Decided we may have to do some hacking. I guess we will let our ID propose some ideas on our next meeting. After he left, we checked for defects. There were some minor ones, but nothing as drastic as what some owners reported.

A few defects to clear...

Aunt and Uncle came over for a brief visit, and everyone including wifey thought the unit was handed over to us in a decent condition… If we aren’t too picky, I think we can even start renovating immediately! But we decide to go ahead with the defect clearing and was told it may take up to 3 weeks! Will be looking forward for the day renovation starts!


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