Starting up again… with a worthy post…

13 DEC 2009

Ever since my last blog a few months back sometime in mid-Aug, I have been busy… VERY busy… Busy looking for a better job (AUG-SEPT)… It was a rather harrowing period. Thankfully, I found a better position, and I was busy handing over (Early OCT), Once I took up my new appointment, I was again busy… busy getting up to speed with my current research job and concurrently getting myself eye-deep with renovation stuffs…

Now, everything is beginning to fall into place… and I will slowly back-blog (if I have the time). For now, a few 3-D rendering from my Interior Designer to share… and I thought it’d make a worthy post for my return to blogging…

Proposed Dining Area

Proposed Living Room

Proposed Living Area

Proposed Master Bedroom

Well, the meeting with my ID was excellent… Just need to sort out the overall color scheme and then look at his detailed drawing… But most importantly, we can hardly wait for 18 DEC 2009 where we will be taking possession!! It is going to be a long week!!


One Response to “Starting up again… with a worthy post…”

  1. Hi there!

    I am a fellow pinnaclet with a unit at 1D. I chanced upon your blog in the Pinnacle@Duxton forum and saw some of the perspectives that your ID has created for you and I must say I’m really impressed. The design of your place is very similar to what my fiancee and I are looking for.

    We are thinking of hacking BR2 wall so we can incorporate a bed, walk-in wardrobe and a study in 1 room, however we have some reservations regarding the cost. We have approached a couple of IDs and the quotes we have received range from $35-$40K, which we find a little steep.

    So I would really really appreciate if you can share with me the quotation from your ID so I can compare and understand if I’m overcharged. I know this is a little direct but I hope to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance!


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