Stanford PhD… now a Cab Driver…

20 AUG 2009

It is kind of worrying waking up one morning to see a friend’s facebook link saying how a Stanford PhD, with 16 years of research experience in IMCB (A*Star) ended up deciding to drive a cab… Though many application letters and CVs were submitted to universities, government agencies, and private companies, it appeared that very few responded. Those that did never materialised into anything positive… Dr Cai Ming Jie’s blog of a Singapore Taxi Driver’s Diary can be read here

Many left comments with words of encouragement and advice. Some left down emails with offers of possible job opportunity… A few dissed and jested… But what really intrigued me, or rather enlighten me were some of the very revealing comments posted within and on some other online forum… Indeed food for thoughts since I walk a very similar Post-doctoral research path… and I have to agree that a research is indeed unstable as it is contract based… I think I better get my international licence converted to a Singaporean one just in case… 


One Response to “Stanford PhD… now a Cab Driver…”

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