Canton-i @ ION Orchard

01 AUG 2009

Continuing our exploration of ION Orchard, we came across the newly opened pretty-in-pink Canton-i. We browsed through their menu and found their price to be quite acceptable… considering the all-out-no-expense-spared decoration of the restaurant in white and pink… It really looked and felt very impressive to me and we decided to try it out…

Canton-i @ ION Orchard

Canton-i @ ION Orchard

Canton-i was packed… We waited for a short while before being led in. The place was very alive with the younger waiters and waitresses scurrying around… I feared for some of the older staffs Canton-i employed that seemed to be struggling with the pace and appeared to be lost at times…

We placed our orders and even though the place was packed, the items did not take too long to arrive!

Our order of Canton-i’s signature Hong Kong styled Prawn Wonton Noodle ($5.80) was of the smaller version. The rather measly small plate of noodle came with only two Prawn Wontons and a soup… However, the Prawn Wontons, filled with chunky prawns, tasted fresh and were rather fantastic. By Wifey’s standards, it was probably one of the closest she experienced in term of authentic Hong Kong styled Wonton Noodle (without the char siu)…  

Prawn Wonton Noodle (Small)

Prawn Wonton Noodle (Small)

My order of the “Five Wonders” Rice ($11.80) came with half a braised egg, braised tofu, braised duck winglets, sliced cuttlefish, and roast pork… Taste wise, the braised stuffs, the duck winglets and the roast pork were all superb… Specially the Roast Pork!! Style wise, it is quite different from Hong Kong’s “Three or Four Wonders” Rice, which usually come with half a salted egg and two or three different roast of your choice… Not quite worthy for its price I thought!

Five Wonders Rice

"Five Wonders" Rice

One of my favorite dim sum item, the Steamed Dough Fritter Cheung Fun ($4.80) did not disappoint!! The dough fritter, wrapped within the steamed cheung fun was still ultra crunchy… Both of us were almost struggling to finish the last few pieces… This would’ve been perfect for a table of three or four to share…

Steamed Dough Fritter Cheung Fun

Steamed Dough Fritter Cheung Fun

The cutest order of the day… was the Steamed Piggy Bun with Red Bean Paste ($3.00)… Like aren’t these CUTE?! Wifey wanted it ordered the second she saw it… Simply irresistible!! Its just a simple Red Bean Paste Bao… adorned with ears and snout made of dough… and black sesame eyes… Skin texture of the Bao was decent and the Red Bean Paste within were average… However, its the presentation that delighted us greatly… A must-have for kiddies (below 5 years old) at the table!

Steamed Piggy Bun with Red Bean Paste

Steamed Piggy Bun with Red Bean Paste

Canton-i... Truly Hong Kong

Canton-i... Truly Hong Kong

All up, the meal cost $34.00 including 10% Service Charge and 7% GST. Sad to say, they charged $1.00 for plain water and my order of Coca-Cola was $2.50… We should’ve just ordered a pot of Chinese Tea… Rejecting the wet towels saved $2.00…

Though fully staffed, I found the service to be a little patchy… Perhaps that will improve over time since the place is less than 1 week old… Will most likely bring the family on our next trip back… Just have to remember to make a reservation!


My Final Rating: 7.5/10

2 Orchard Road, #3-14 ION Orchard, Singapore


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