Big O Cafe @ Wheelock Place

19 JUL 2009

Stepped into Big O Cafe & Restaurant for an afternoon tea after walking around town with Wifey & Mom… I was lured in by their display of cakes…

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Place was busy, but its no excuse for lapse of service… We were seated and almost forgotten… We ordered and asked for 3 glasses of iced water and those never came… until Wifey asked for iced water again from another waiter… Our orders of Chocolate Truffle Cake ($6.95), Freshly Brewed Coffee ($5.00), Cappuccino ($5.50), and a ‘Batman Returns’ Sundae ($14.90) trickled in slowly with a 5-15 mins waiting time in-between each item…

The Coffee & Cappuccino was average at best…

Chocolate Truffle Cake, also called ‘Aphrodisiac’ was quite decent… and very nicely priced for its size…

Batman Returns

Batman Returns

Batman Returns is a simple Sundae creation like those from Swensen or Haagen-Dazs… Basically, its three different flavours of ice-cream: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Rum & Raisin, topped with cubed chocolate brownies, a sprinkle of crushed nuts and almond flakes… Liked the taste of their Run & Raisin, and the overall creation, but found it to be rather pricey…

All in, the dessert session at Big O Cafe cost $32.35 (inclusive of 10% Service Charge and 7% GST) for 2 coffees, a cake and a Sundae… Overall it was not really cheap and definitely not much service to speak of… Perhaps they need more waiters or rather… better trained waiters! Don’t think we will be back to the Restaurant… Might get some take-away Chocolate Truffle Cakes though!!


My Final Rating: 6/10

501 Orchard Road, #02-04/05 Wheelock Place, Singapore


2 Responses to “Big O Cafe @ Wheelock Place”

  1. You should try dinner. I like the stir-fry mushrooms and the lamb used to be good but not sure if standards still there.

  2. I see… hehee… If I remember correctly, prices there seemed quite high for a Cafe… Rather pay the same or a little more for a restaurant with better service and settings…

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