Lawry’s @ Paragon

12 JUL 2009

Whilst waiting for Wifey’s as she pamper herself and her hair at Shunji Matsuo, I strolled around Paragon. Walking towards Lawry’s, I saw an eye catching brochure… “Afternoon Indulgence… Only at Lawry’s“!!

Lawry @ Paragon

Lawry @ Paragon

Served daily between 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm, a choice of 1 Savory and 1 Sweet cost $12.00 per person!! That also include a choice of Italian Coffee, Assorted Tea, Soft drinks or Juices!! For the full Afternoon Indulgence menu, click here… “Whoa” was my initial thought and with that, I found our afternoon tea destination for the day! I reported back to Wifey of my find and she was delighted… So, Lawry’s, here we come!!

Lawry’s is quite the classy restaurant… Dimly lit, with smoothing music in the background, it simply exuberate great ambience… Staffs were professional, patient and polite… After a brief discussion, we decided on what we wanted to order 2 Savories and 2 sweets… As the menu looked enticing enough, I enquired about the third item and was informed that each extra item will cost an extra $6.00… Very nicely priced, considering where we were and I ordered an extra Savory!

$12.00++ Set include Tea, Coffee, Juice or soft drinks

$12.00++ Set include Tea, Coffee, Juice or soft drinks

First up, the Sautéed Cream of Mushroom with Garlic Bread… AHHH!! The fresh fragrant crispy Garlic Bread was perfect with the thick, tasty creamy sauce of the sautéed mushroom… Thinly sliced mushrooms coated with the creamy sauce were deeply infused with the buttery taste… Its simply heavenly!!

Sauteed Cream of Mushroom with Garlic Bread

Sautéed Cream of Mushroom with Garlic Bread

The Prime Rib Yorkshire Roll up… Hmmm… diced pork rib, thinly sliced bell pepper presented wrapped in a crêpe like egg-roll was serve with a dark dipping sauce… though quite decent, was nowhere compared to the Cream of Mushroom or the Bruschetta.

Prime Rib Yorkshire Roll Up

Prime Rib Yorkshire Roll Up

The Bruschetta topped with Roasted Chicken with Tomato Salsa Sauce was the winner of the three savories… Crunchy bruschetta with rather nicely roasted chicken covered by a layer of melted cheese reminded me of the chicken and salmon fingers we so sorely missed from Miss Marples in Melbourne… Together with the Tomato Salsa Sauce, it screamed “EAT ME NOW”!! I can definitely munch on this all day long!

Bruschetta topped with Roasted Chicken with Tomato Salsa Sauce

Bruschettatopped with Roasted Chicken with Tomato Salsa Sauce

The tables were quickly cleared and re-set after the completion of our savories and soon the sweets arrived… Now… the Homemade Scones with Devonshire Cream was presented as three mini scones… Freshly made, the scones were rather unique… strawberry flavored scones… Eaten with the sweet strawberry sauce and a dollop of Devonshire Cream, it was back to sweet creamy heaven again… Really wished the scones were much bigger though!

Homemade Scones with Devonshire Cream

Homemade Scones with Devonshire Cream

For the second order of Sweets, we had the Sweet of the day which was a simple Blackberries topped Cheesecake with Raspberry sauce plus a scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream… The ice cream was all right, but show-stealer here was the cheesecake creation… and together with the berries and sauce, it was really a great combination! Simply Awesome!!

Sweets of the Day - Cheese Cake & Ice Cream

Sweets of the Day - Cheese Cake & Ice Cream

For $12.00++ per person, I think this wonderful Afternoon Indulgence is absolutely of great value… Together with the extra order of Savory ($6.00), 10% Service Charge and 7% GST, the bill added up to $35.35… Alas we don’t frequently come down to Paragon, else we’d definitely be hanging around for the very affordable Afternoon Indulgence at Lawry’s!


My Final Rating: 8.25/10

290 Orchard Road, #02-42/44 The Paragon, Singapore


3 Responses to “Lawry’s @ Paragon”

  1. randomguy Says:


    great site!

    a suggestion thou, it would be so much nicer if there is links for the next/previous post at the end of the post, it would make navigating thru the site so much easier

  2. gaz0307 Says:

    Thanks for dropping by… and thanks for the suggestion…
    Well, I am using one of the WordPress Blog Theme… and did not really try to figure out messing with the general Layout…
    I guess I will have a look at it when I clear my backlogs (if that’s possible at all…)

  3. Dear Gaz,

    Thank you for your great compliments on Lawry’s Afternoon Indulgence! On behalf of the management of Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore, i would like to get intouch with you and cordially invite you and your wife to a dinner in January 2010 once we relocated to Mandarin Gallery, Meritus Mandarin Hotel.

    Please kindly contact me at 6836 3333 to further arrange this dinner.

    Thank you

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