Fruit Paradise @ Orchard Central

05 JUL 2009

Orchard Central… a new mall… which means its a place to explore! Then again, all malls are more or less similar in one way or another… After a couple of hours wondering through Orchard Central level by level, we came across Fruit Paradise… The place was packed… and looking at the tarts on display I guess I know why… Even the fake ‘look-alike’ tarts, so typical of the Japanese, looked delicious! After a minute of “hmmmm”… “should we”… “maybe”… we decided to go in for a pit-stop! The tarts just looked so darn good…

Fruit Paradise

Fruit Paradise

We joined the queue which moved relatively fast… Once seated, I went through the menu… These are not just the regular custard based cream tarts, and depending which tart was ordered, it could be cheese cream or chocolate cream… Initially, we wanted a slice of Mango Tart and Blueberry Tart to only be informed that most of their tarts were creamed cleaned out!! ARRGH!! In the end, we settled for a Chocolate Strawberry Tart and a Mixed Fruit Tart… For an additional $3.00, we ordered a pot of Gryphon tea (which I did not like)…

A Pot of tea from Gryphon Tea Company

A Pot of tea from Gryphon Tea Company

The Chocolate Strawberry Tart ($7.80) looked very enticing… Digging in, I soon realise it was fluffy cream heaven… Digging in further, that creamy realisation soon turned into hell!! Holywacawmoli dude… that’s just WAY TOO MUCH cream there!! Seriously, I had to scrap away at least half the cream… Excess cream aside, the tart, with the still crunchy tart base was actually not too bad… 

Chocolate Strawberry Tart

Chocolate Strawberry Tart

The slightly more expensive Mixed Fruit Tart ($8.30) was actually so much better! Firstly, there was not half as much cream… Also, the healthy topping of fruits were very fresh, sweet and juicy… A very delightful tart!

Mixed Fruit Tart

Mixed Fruit Tart

Well, two tarts and a pot of tea, inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST came to $22.50… OUCH!! Definitely not cheap… Well, I guess we can now claim we experienced a creamy hellish Fruit tart Paradise!! I do think their Mixed Fruit Tart is good enough to warrant a return if there’s any craving for one!!


My Final Rating: 6/10

181 Orchard Road, #05-51/52 Orchard Central, Singapore


4 Responses to “Fruit Paradise @ Orchard Central”

  1. I can’t resist their appearance too but was into a “surprise” when I find that >70% of the tart were cream… Eek…

    Maybe I should try their Mixed Fruit Tart since the cream is slashed by half…

    I thought Orchard Central was one annoying maze… but I do like the escalators outside the mall, especially during the night…

  2. gaz0307 Says:

    Some of their cream tarts definitely equated to serious cream overload…
    Not their Mixed Fruit Tart though… I quite like those!

  3. Vanille20 Says:

    I haven’t try the tarts there but they do look awefully good! Nothing beats freshcream tho’ I first saw it at Tampine One, Manpuku and been wanting to try. Tempting pict on the mixed fruit tart! What tea does the tart go well with?

  4. Hey Vanille20…

    Those fruit tarts did taste as good as it looked…

    As to what tea goes well with the Tart, I can’t really say as I am more of a coffee person… But from a logical approach, I’d take the Tart with any earthy tea straight up…

    Presentation wise, all the tarts there do score well… You got to be a serious cream lover to be able to enjoy some of their heavily cream-ladden tarts though…

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