Asia Grand @ Odeon Towers

27 JUN 2009

Asia Grand… a place we planned to have some dim sum since the beginning of the month, but had to for-go due to a nasty non-H1N1 flu-ish bug… followed by some last minutes errands… and a severe hangover…

Asia Grand

Asia Grand

Today… YES!!… Today is the day… we are all set for dim sum at Asia Grand, and no nasty H1N1 or any amount of binge drinking is going to stop us now!! I was actually looking forward for this dim sum session as I have heard good things said about the dim sum and dinner here coming from various friends and relatives…



Asia Grand is quite typical of a classy Chinese Restaurant that’s bursting with life… Countless down-lights and several huge chandeliars illuminate the restaurant brightly… Many waitresses hustled around either clearing/setting tables, or bringing out hot pipping dim sums from the kitchen… with several alert floor managers prowling around attending to the orders and other needs of the patrons…

We were shown our seats and decided to order something light while we wait for another friend… The appetizer was rather unique… spicy sweet and sour pickle with diced fish cake… Rather unique but not spectacular…

Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf

Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf

The Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf (荷叶珍珠鸡; $4.50) was decent, but not quite there… Wifey felt that it the ingredients were lacking, and that the Glutinous Rice was too moist… I wasn’t as fuss, but I kind of agree with her on the moist part…

Steamed Assorted Mushroom Dumpling

Steamed Assorted Mushroom Dumpling

The Steamed Assorted Mushroom Dumpling (野菌素菜饺; $4.00) was very nice… Perfectly made thin and chewy skin, bursting with juicy assorted mushroom pieces…

Steamed Pork Dumpling Siew Mai

Steamed Pork Dumpling "Siew Mai"

Presentation wise, I am sure their Steamed Pork Dumpling “Siew Mai” (北菰烧卖皇; $4.50) had seen better days… Taste wise, it was pretty good, and quite different from the regular Siew Mai probably due to the inclusion of diced mushrooms…

After finishing 3 items, our lunch buddy had not show up… Ahhh Disappointment set-in as it will be impossible to order the anticipated Peking Duck (on promotion at $30.00++) with just the two of us. I guess there is always next time…

Steamed Cheong-Fun with Dough Fritters

Steamed Cheong-Fun with Dough Fritters

Next, we ordered the Steamed Cheong-Fun with Dough Fritters (炸两肠粉; $4.50)… Frankly speaking, the best Steamed Cheong-Fun with Dough Fritters we ever had was in Hong Kong and Melbourne… and that remains as a fact. Although the Dough Fritters, wrapped in Cheong-Fun remains crunchy, it just lacked the ‘ooomphf’, and was let down by the disappointing presentation of the dish which was kind of pathetic…

Baked Egg Tart

Baked Egg Tart

With two small eaters like us, we were quickly reaching our limit… So, our last order was the Baked Egg Tart (蛋挞仔; $3.50), and thankfully, the mini-egg tarts were delicious.

Well, the whole bill including 2x Chinese tea ($1.50 each), minus 10% UOB credit card discount, plus 10% Service Charge & 7% GST comes up to $29.30… Not bad for a relatively nice dim sum… I can definitely see myself coming back to Asia Grand to try out their Peking Duck!


My Final Rating: 7.25/10

331 North Bridge Road, #01-02 & #01-05/08 Odeon Towers, Singapore


2 Responses to “Asia Grand @ Odeon Towers”

  1. ladyironchef Says:

    ah i didn’t know they serve dim sum too, did u go on weekday or weekend?

  2. gaz0307 Says:

    Hey LIC, we went on a weekend…
    However, IMO, Asia Grand may be better for their dishes…

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