Bergs Burgers @ Far East Square

23 JUN 2009

After reading about Bergs Burgers, which basically stemmed from 2 Aussie’s ideology of finding the perfect burgers, I got a feeling that wifey and I may just like this burger joint!! Since I’m on leave, we decided to head down Far East Square for some Aussie-styled burgers for dinner…

Bergs Gourmet Burger

Bergs Gourmet Burger

We walked around Far East Square trying to find Bergs, but that’s just because I am unfamiliar of the area… Eventually, we found Bergs. It’s a simple Burger joint with seats available indoor and outdoor… However, the burgers at Bergs are not as simple as the standard variety of burgers out there… as seen here in the menu.

We chose our burger as soon as we saw the use of Beetroot in their BFB… Basically, it has everything in it… “Two prime Beef Pattie, Bacon, Pineapple, Egg, Beetroot, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Edam Cheese, Aioli & Bergs Sauce…” It will cost $17.00 for Bergs-sized and $14.00 for a smaller version… I thought “What the heck!! Lets just get the big one, get the cook to cut it into half and share the burger”. Its going to be a messy one! On top of that we ordered a serving of Chips ($4.50) to share…

Our order of Chips came with a sauce. Wifey opted for the Aioli sauce which is garlic-mayo based. I ordered an extra wasabi-mayo sauce ($0.50 extra). The thick chunky chips were done just right, with a crisp on the outside, yet soft and moist like a mash within… The Aioli sauce was really nice… at least much nicer compared to the wasabi-mayo which I thought could be better if it pack a bit more of a punch…

Thick Chunky Chips

Thick Chunky Chips

The Bergs-sized BFB was obscenely huge!! Cut in half, its definitely big enough to fill-up the both of us… How does a single being tackle such a monster of a burger?!

The BLB (Large)

The BFB (Bergs-size)

Halving it without making a mess of everything was a task… The melting cheese, the smoky grilled thick patties, the egg, the pineapple, the beetroot… Ahhh!! Digging in, it was indeed one helluva burger… and I was spot-on… We LOVED it!! Of course, it did get messy… REALLY messy!!

Half that BLB!!

Half that BFB!!

By the time we were done with the burger, we were totally filled to the brim… and there were still some fries left-over… Well, the gigantic burger meal cost $24.00… Although a tad more expensive compared to Carl’s Junior (used to be our favourite Burger joint), I think it’s well worth the experience. Don’t know how much calories we consumed today… but I think we will be back for more!!


My Final Rating: 7.75/10

137 Amoy Street, #01-01 Far East Square, Singapore


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