Cugini @ Robertson Walk

21 JUN 2009

Been reading quite a few reviews about Cugini @ HGW and have always wanted to try the place out… Finally found the opportunity to have a little romantic dinner at Cugini with wifey… Apparently, Cugini serves Southern Italian cuisine focused mainly on the region of Sicily & Sardinia… and it was an interesting night… specially the Cugini Special we ordered…

Cuigini @ Robertson Walk

Cuigini @ Robertson Walk

Cugini is a rather nice place tugged within one of the buildings by the open area of Robertson Walk. As it was a warm night, we opted to sit within… However, it wasn’t any better (read-on as I will address it below)… In a dark woody decor, Cugini sets the mood for a romantic dinner…  

After going through the menu, we placed our order: Lobster Risotto ($33.00), a Cugini Pizza ($24.00) with extra topping of cheese ($3.00) and a glass of Banfi Pinot ($19.00) for wifey. On hindsight, I actually have a couple more issues here which I will address below…

Soon after the order was placed, the wine was served and goodness me… It was barely a quarter of the glass… Wifey actually saw the waitress measuring the exact level of the wine poured…

Subsequently, we were served some complementary bread… There’s a nice texture to the bread served… Alas, the bread was not presented warm.

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Complimentary Bread

Complimentary Bread

Wifey’s Lobster Risotto was served. Initially, both of us thought the serving of this Sicilian-styled risotto with lobster, asparagus and green apple could definitely be larger… However, after digging in, we found that the serve was actually perfect. Taste wise, it was heavenly. The creamy-buttery richness of the risotto was spot on, but soon, it all became too rich for her… But with my help, we cleaned it all up!

Sicilian-styled Lobster Risotto

Sicilian-styled Lobster Risotto

The Cugini Special I ordered was simply gigantic!! Topped with fresh tomato, tomino cheese, thin slices of Italian bacon with plenty of rockets or Arugula leaves… I found the pizza to be quite unique in terms of its shape and texture of the crust. The dough seemed to be rather different compared to the other pizza we have eaten… However, I really enjoyed the crispy crust of this Cugini Special which went very well with all the ingredients… However, for me, the strong distinctive taste of the Italian bacon soon became a little over-powering… Wifey refuse to help out as she did not want anything to do with the fatty Italian bacon. I reckon this would have been perfect for 3-4 to share unless you are a lover of such Italian bacon.

Cuginis Special

Cugini's Special

Initially, I wanted to try their Tiramisu with bitter chocolate sauce… However we were too full after the heavy Lobster Risotto and the humongous Cugini Pizza that we could not finish.

Now, the few issues I had with the restaurant:

  1. Firstly, we decided to eat indoor as it was quite a warm night. However, the ambient temperature indoor was actually quite warm too, this was worsen by the use of yellow lights… As the night progress, I think it took away from a wonderful meal… Should it had been 2-3 degree cooler, we might stayed longer… ordered coffee or tea and went for that Tiramisu!
  2. Cugini - 21 June 2009

    Cugini - 21 June 2009

  3. I understand from the waitress when I was ordering that they ran out of their regular house white wine ($13 or $14 a glass)… It would have been nice if she told me that the glass of Banfi Pinot is their premium house white that is $19 a glass…
  4. Finally, on the menu, the Risotto Lobster was listed as $31.00… However, when writing this review, my receipt (that never lies) informed me that we were charged $33.00 for that Risotto Lobster… Ok, its ONLY $2.00, but I think perhaps its time to update the menu.

All in, the dinner cost $92.98 inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST… The quality of the food is definitely there… Though the dinner was marred by little imperfections here and there, I think we will probably be back to Cugini to try out some other pizza and their dessert… One thing I know for sure… I will definitely skip on the painstakingly measured glass of wine, and be sure to check my bill carefully!


My Final Rating: 7.25/10

11 Unity Street, #01-27/28 Robertson Walk, Singapore


2 Responses to “Cugini @ Robertson Walk”

  1. will come nad taste teh pizza one of these days

  2. gaz0307 Says:

    Cugini @ Robertson Walk has moved…
    I think they are now at
    87 Club Street
    #01-01 Telok Ayer Conservation Area
    Not 100% sure if its the same Cugini tho… (Trattoria Pizzeria Cugini)

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