Shinobu Dining @ PSA Building

17 JUN 2009

Shinobu Dining is located on the 4th storey of PSA Building. Apparently, it current name was changed from Yuzu-Shimizu Japanese Restaurant… Anyway, thanks to Dave for this introduction to Shinobu Dining… Frankly speaking and like many hidden eateries out there, I will have never known of its existence otherwise!

Shinobu Dining

Shinobu Dining

Interior of Shinobu Dining is simply huge… Spacious seating all round with the availability of private room if one wish to converse about confidential stuffs over a meal… Considering that the staffs had to cover such a big restaurant, they were pretty attentive, and constantly shuffling around with a sense of urgency.

Once seated, we were served an sweetish dried anchovy appetizer and hot green tea. The range of Japanese food Shinobu’s offer is extensive. There is a set dinner menu, a special Chef recommendation menu, and their regular menu… We took awhile to go through the menus, before ordering some recommended sides to share and three dinner-sets.  



The couple of sides were served first. Hmmm… the Teppanyaki Prawns came covered with a special tasting garlic-mayo sauce… Very delectable! I can almost see myself gobbling down a bowl of rice just on this unique sauce… I liked it very much…

Teppanyaki Prawn

Teppanyaki Prawn

Next, the Unagi Toji Age – unagi and lady finger wrapped with tofu skin, deep fried to a crunchy crisps… Another rather unique dish… I liked everything about it except the after-taste of the unagi which I was rather sensitive to. Everyone else enjoyed it, so I guess it was just me and my particular taste-buds…

Unagi Toji Age

Unagi Toji Age

Unagi Toji Age - Close up

Unagi Toji Age - Close up

The Nasu Dengaku– Eggplant with Miso Flavour is wifey’s favourite. It was decent, but not the best we had.

Eggplant with Miso Flavour

Eggplant with Miso Flavour

Each of the set dinner served included a Mixed Salad topped with a tangy sauce, Miso Soup, and Chawanmushi

The sets: The Sashimi of Mandy’s set looked so fresh… :drool:

XLs Set Dinner (1)

Mandy's Sashimi and Tmpura Set (1)

XLs Set Dinner (2)

Mandy's Sashimi and Tmpura Set (2)

Dave’s salmon set looked pretty good too!

Daves Salmon Set (1)

Dave's Salmon Set (1)

Daves Salmon Set (2)

Dave's Salmon Set (2)

The Chawanmushi was quite decent, specially with the addition of a gingko nut within. In it, there were also some sliced mushrooms, a chunk of chicken and a slice of Japanese fish cake… Very nice!!



The serving of Katsu Chicken in our set was gigantic. From memory, the Katsu Chicken dinner set cost $20.00 and to me, that’s definitely value for money. Moreover, wifey felt it was one of the best we have eaten and I totally agreed with her. Thank goodness we decided to share the set dinner as just another bowl of rice was sufficient for us to share.

Our Teriyaki Chicken Set

Our Katsu Chicken Set

To complete the meal, we were served a complimentary Green Tea dessert with Japanese Red Bean Paste and a Yam Chip… It was passable…

Complimentary Green Tea Dessert

Complimentary Green Tea Dessert

Overall, it was a nice dinner. Might just come back again for their set lunches… then again, that’s unlikely as I don’t work anywhere in the vicinity… Oh well… The dinner that night came up to… probably around $40-$50 per person… I did not know exactly how much as Dave took care of the bill… Thanks Buddy!! 


My Final Rating: 7.25/10

460 Alexandra Road, #04-01 PSA Building, Singapore


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