Sakae Sushi @ Compass Point

07 JUN 2009

Sakae Sushi (Compass Point)

Sakae Sushi (Compass Point)

Decided to grab a simple, hasty, & early dinner at Sakae Sushi (Compass Point) before the crowd comes in. Seems like the business here is always pretty darn good as evident by the constant long queue I observed every other week that I am in Compass Point visiting Grandma…

We went in at around 5:30 pm and the place was already 75% filled!! We were seated in a corner and were soon forgotten… It took some effort to catch the attention of the busy staffs… The place was rather noisy, but that totally due to the family seated adjacent to us… A family of 6 include 3 hyper-active kids… :groan:

So I ordered a pretty looking Rainbow Maki ($2.29), my favorite Spicy Salmon Temaki ($2.29), a Salmon Oshi Sushi ($8.99), and a Katsu Curry Don($10.99) for wifey. We also ordered Japanese green tea ($0.99 each), which came as a tea bag. 

Rainbow Maki

Rainbow Maki

Main reason I ordered this Rainbow Maki… it looked darn pretty… Rather intricate… well, at least to me… However, taste wise… it wasn’t anything spectacular…

Spicy Salmon Temaki

Spicy Salmon Temaki

Presentation of my once favourite Spicy Salmon Temaki was pretty pathetic this time round… Seemed like it was wrapped in a overly large piece of sea-weed… Can’t really see much Salmon within too… However, the distinctive taste of the spicy salmon when I’d got to it was excellent! Just wish they’d put some effort to wrap it like how they present it in their website!!

Katsu Curry Don

Katsu Curry Don

The Katsu Curry Don was huge!! Although we were not fuss, tempura batter was all over the deep fried pork chop… Other than that, the Katsu Curry Don was not too bad for $10.99 and I am pretty sure its big enough to feed two small eaters!

Salmon Oshi Sushi

Salmon Oshi Sushi

By the time the Salmon Oshi Sushi was served, we already consumed the other items we ordered, and were getting pretty filled up by the rice! High marks for presentation… Alas I was too full to be able to truly enjoy the Salmon Sushi.

In total, the quickie dinner cost $28.11… Pretty good value for money, and I guess that explains the never-ending queue outside… Well, the quality of the food is acceptable for such price, but due to the high turn-over… I guess the ambience and service will remain to be mediocre at best…


My Final Rating: 6/10

1 Sengkang Square, #04-06 Compass Point Shopping Centre, Singapore


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