Marmalade Pantry @ Palais Renaissance

31 MAY 2009

After reading a comment about Marmalade Pantry’s sticky date toffee pudding, I knew I have to try it for myself… Even though I felt a little under the weather, I dragged wifey along for this food escapade… to Palais Renaissance… to Marmalade Pantry.

Marmalade Pantry @ Palais Renaissance

Marmalade Pantry @ Palais Renaissance

Located at the basement of Palais Renaissance in a form of a open concept restaurant with a chic and modern setting, Marmalade Pantry seats plenty… Walking around literally revealed more private dining areas within. Staffs hustled around with a sense of urgency, constantly moving, setting tables or serving orders…

The menu is extensive but I had my mind set (solely based on the recommendations of ice) on their Sticky Date Toffee Pudding ($12.00) and their Banana Pancakes ($14.00)… On top of that, we ordered an Earl Grey Himalaya ($6.50) and an Ice Chocolate ($8.50)…

Iced Chocolate

Iced Chocolate

Served in a huge metal cylindrical canister… the Ice Chocolate was quite decent, but with room for improvement… Personally, I thought it’d be better without the ice cubes which ended up diluting the overall taste of the iced creation. The use of ice-cold milk, the ice-cream together with lots of chocolate fudge would have been sufficed for me. 

Banana Pancakes with Blueberries & Creme Fraiche

Banana Pancakes with Blueberries & Crème Fraîche

Oooo… the banana pancakes at Marmalade Pantry were indeed excellent! For $14.00, its of great value with three large pancakes,  blueberries & crème fraîche… Toppled with maple syrup, each mouthful with a bit of everything is just simply heavenly… I found this to be better than the pancakes we had @ Jones the Grocer a while back! Bravo!

Sticky Date Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Sticky Date Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

When I said I had the best Sticky Date Pudding at Chalk Restaurant… Well, I have to concur that Stick Date Toffee Pudding here at Marmalade Pantry is slightly better, edged out by their solid toffee sauce… hmmm… by maybe 0.5 of a point!?  However, if compared to the Sticky Date Pudding we missed so much from Melbourne… it is still not quite there yet… So if any of you are EVER in Melbourne.. find your way to Giorgios for some really solid Sticky Date Pudding!!

Well, it was a decent brunch for $48.25 considering the servings of the pancakes and ice chocolate was huge. The quality of their Earl Grey tea was pretty decent too as wifey thoroughly enjoyed it. Well, I believe we will be back here for sure, as we saw many alluring gigantic dishes of pastas, salads, and burgers whilst we were enjoying our sweet breakfast!! Will definitely be back for some of those!!


My Final Rating: 8/10

390 Orchard Road, #B1-08 Palais Renaissance, Singapore


3 Responses to “Marmalade Pantry @ Palais Renaissance”

  1. You ate so little for 2! Glad to know you like the SDP and pancakes here too. 🙂 It’s my favorite place for brunch.

    hehe I got another place for a good SDP, might rival that of your Aussie one. Stay tuned…

  2. gaz0307 Says:

    Well, I am a tiny eater for a guy… but the weight just won’t go down!! LOL!!
    Wifey > me! But the pancakes were pretty heavy!!

    Oooo? SDP that rival the Aussie one? Do tell…!

  3. White Fairy Says:

    Ice..I would like to know who can rival SDP from aussie too! Share with us!

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