Chalk Restaurant @ Mount Sophia

24 MAY 2009

Wifey has been craving for a decent sticky date pudding for sometime now… She kept going on about that sticky date pudding we fell in love with in Melbourne… So one of my mini-quest is to find her a replacement or something close… That quest has been a measly failure until I chanced upon ‘Chalk‘… Some of the HGW reviews I read of this restaurant seem promising…

Chalk Restaurant

Chalk Restaurant

Since mom usual Mahjong session was cancelled, I took mom along… hoping once again that she can accept this type of Western Cuisine… She can be the toughest critic on food that are out of her comfort zone… So, with both wifey and mom in tow… we got ourselves to Dhoby Ghaut MRT and started trekking towards ‘Chalk’… Next to ‘Sophia 8’ (condominium), just behind the Atrium at Dhoby Ghaut, there’s a long flight of steps that leads to ‘Chalk’ on Mt. Sophia… By my count, it was 100128… 136 steps!! So unless you drive, be warned!!

 The long trek up the steps took awhile… and FINALLY… we reached ‘Chalk’…

The restaurant is huge… with an alfresco area. The place is simple chic… and that must be due to the black table clothes… Staffs were poised and attentive… The menu was extensive with a wide range of French and Italian Cuisine… After some deliberation, we finalised our orders: a Beetroot Salad ($15.00) to start, a Seafood Gnocchi ($27.00) and Duck Au Feu ($29.00) to share, and for dessert, we went for the Sticky Date Pudding ($13.00) and a Chocolate Fondant ($13.00).

Complimentary Bread

Complimentary Bread

Once our orders were placed, the Complimentary Breads were served together with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar… Sliced toasted Baguettes and toasted herbed Focaccia were served. I liked the taste and feel of the crunchy toasted Baguette, but wifey preferred the softer herbed Focaccia… I am surprised mom actually liked the breads together with olive oil and balsamic vinegar! A great sign!!

Beetroot Salad

Beetroot Salad

The Beetroot Salad is a simple salad with Arugula leaves and goat cheese which I switched out to be replaced by shavings of Parmesan. Don’t think any of us could’ve handled the goat cheese… The distinctive taste of Rocket Arugula leaves left mom boggled but that’s just what made those leaves a favorite of ours… Together with the Beetroot, Parmesan with a hint of the tangy dressing… Excellente!!

Seafood Gnocchi

Seafood Gnocchi

Wifey’s choice of Seafood Gnocchi came… and swimming in it, were many prawns and scallops… The slightly creamy sauce was simply exquisite… The Gnocchi was perfect for wifey too! Even mom enjoyed the overall package as it was not too creamy for her, which was a relief to me… This pasta dish was close to be prefect for me… I thought it’d be even nicer if the Gnocchi were slightly larger or slightly firmer…

Duck Au Feu

Duck Au Feu

Now… I have to admit, I didn’t know what’s a Pot Au Feu… Even after Lauren’s (co-owner that took our order) description, I was still quite hazy about it… I decided to take a chance on something new and went ahead with the order and I have to say… it was a great choice! So… after goggling it… I know know that Pot Au Feu is French for “pot on the fire”, and in this case, its a Duck Stew. The stew was very well prepared… as it wasn’t oily at all… The soupy clear broth of the Duck stew was simply excellent!! The flavoursome lean duck pieces literally dissolved in the mouth as did the softened vegetables (celery, carrot, turnip) and potatoes… Mom actually really enjoyed this dish! Wifey thought this would’ve be even better with some simple pasta… I agreed and thought served together with some macaroni would’ve been perfect! 

Sticky Date Pudding

Sticky Date Pudding

Moving on to dessert, the greatly anticipated Sticky Date Pudding arrived… and I have to say… it’s the best we had in Singapore to date… The butterscotch sauce was perfect… I almost wanted to get a second serve of that sweet but light butterscotch sauce!! Take together with the ice-cream, the spongy pudding was just heavenly! Alas, if compared to the Sticky Date Pudding we missed so much from Melbourne… it is comparable, but not quite there yet… 

Chocolate Fondant

Chocolate Fondant

To me, the Chocolate Fondant was even better than the Pudding… and it’s definitely one of the best I have savored!! I really liked the texture of the soft thin exterior and how well that held the smooth creamy chocolate within… Simply divine!! 

The bill came up to $97.00 for the 3 of us, but looking at wifey and mom, I could see that they loved everything they tasted and so it was worth even dollar!!

I had a brief chat with Lauren and informed that Chalk will be starting up Brunch on Sunday (31 MAY 2009)!! Hmmm tempting… very tempting!! Well, if we are not back for the Brunch, I know we will be back in the not too distant future to sample the other mouth-watering dishes on their menu!!


My Final Rating: 8.5/10

11 Mount Sophia, #01-03 , Singapore


10 Responses to “Chalk Restaurant @ Mount Sophia”

  1. I’m sold. 🙂

  2. gaz0307 Says:

    Wa lau.. You very fast!!
    I post like only 2 mins ago leh!!

  3. can one drive up there? is there a carpark?

  4. gaz0307 Says:

    Ya can drive up… I think can park @ the Old School… Saw come posh cars there…

  5. Whitefairy Says:

    I’m sooo going down soon for the sticky date pudding! Thanks for the review!

  6. gaz0307 Says:

    Make sure you try their Chocolate Fondant too… Soooooo darn good too!!

  7. Ratatouille Says:

    thks for the review. will make my way there soon.

  8. gaz0307 Says:

    Hope you enjoy it as much as we did 🙂

  9. Not impressed by the sticky date pudding humph. :/ Marmalade Pantry’s still the best.

  10. gaz0307 Says:

    kekekee… I shall make that comparison once I bring myself to Marmalade Pantry… 🙂 Stay Tuned!!

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