Café De Amigo @ Funan Digitalife Mall

08 MAY 2009

Dim and dusky, the mood changes as we stepped into Café de Amigo… The weariness that accumulated over the long week slowly eased away as we enjoyed the soothing, refreshing and classy live Jazzy 2-piece performance. 

Looking through the menu, I get the feeling that any affair @ Café De Amigo will not be merciful to the wallet…

Café De Amigo

Café De Amigo

Dave arrived soon after and took charge to order the ‘must-try’ of Café De Amigo. In the end, the order was a Potato Soup for each of us, a couple of starters (Deep Fried Cheese & Soft Shell Crab) to share, and for mains: Leng Fish for me, and Chicken Chop for himself and wifey. 

Deep Fried Cheese

Deep Fried Cheese

Initially I had the icky feeling… Deep Fried Cheese… Ewww!!! However, when it was served, and after I tasted it, I found it to be actually quite decent. Wifey, never a cheese lover (except pizza), thoroughly enjoyed it! The deep fried cheese was especially nice taken with the unique home-made sauce… This may be a heavy appetizer to some, but for us, and due to our hunger level today, it was a perfect start!

Soft Shell Crap

Soft Shell Crab

For one, I am not a Crabby person… So I wasn’t as awed by the Soft Shell Crab as Wifey was… But still, the crunchy crab legs went very well with the thick home-made Tartare sauce… Oh I do like their Tartare sauce very much and I think it will definitely go well with so many other stuff like Calamari Rings, Beer-Battered Fish… Ooooo!! 

Potato Soup

Potato Soup

One of the most unique Potato Soup I have tasted… to the extent that it will leave you guessing if its potato-based at all! The soup was very smooth and creamy, and went very well with the bread. To me, the taste of the soup was rather complex, thicken by the amount of bacon shavings that’s added. Very enjoyable, but very filling as well…

Chicken Chop

Chicken Chop

The Chicken Chop served was huge, and came with a healthy serve of fries and boiled carrots.  The chicken chop was pan-fried very close to perfection… Tender succulent meat with its skin crisp yet un-charred!! Very well done!!  However, it was their unique creamy peppery sauce (hours of preparation required daily) that delivered the c0up de grâce… Wifey really enjoyed it, and so did I. We actually asked for two more servings of the creamy peppery sauce… it was THAT good! 

Leng Fish

Leng Fish

The Leng Fish came as a single fillet, pan-fried, and topped spring onions, sliced red pepper and almond flakes…  To me, the texture of the fish was rather unique. It kind of melts upon consumption. With texture like this, I think freshness of the fillet is essential. Almond flakes are extremely nice here. It added depth and I say, the more the merrier!!

At the end of the mains, we were so full we did not even consider dessert. Just had coffee / tea and laze back to enjoy the Jazz and the company. Great food, Great Ambience, Great Music… what more can one ask for?  Well, Dave took care of our bill, so thanks again my friend… but I can see it was beyond the range of our usual haunt… Hmmm… Looking at the menu, I think their set lunches are definitely affordable at ~ $12.90++… A much more extensive set dinner menu is available and starts from $42++ with options to add-on. Will most likely come down again to experience their set lunches…


My Final Rating: 8/10

109 North Bridge Road, #02-15 Funan Digitalife Mall, Singapore


2 Responses to “Café De Amigo @ Funan Digitalife Mall”

  1. thanks for the review. It was very helpful in my decision to eat at Amigo or not. Descriptions detail is just nice. A photo shot of the premise would have been good.


  2. Thanks for visiting…

    Ahh, I walk around with a macro lens.. so its not quite possible to get a nice shot of the premise…

    Well… from memory, the place was nicely set-up… dim, but casual-chic…

    With the Jazz duo performing, the mood there can be rather romantic if seated in a corner…

    Well… hope you like the place too if you end up eating there…

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