Choupinette @ Bukit Timah

18 APR 2009

Wifey has been working too hard during her peak period. We decided that she has to pamper herself with a decent breakfast before going to work this Saturday… With that, we headed down to a French Cafe we walked pass a few days ago, Choupinette, for brekkie…



Choupinette lies in the vicinity of the junction of Farrer Road & Bukit Timah Road… It was rather tough getting a parking there, but I guess I don’t know the place well enough…  

Choupinette means sweetie pie in French

Choupinette means "sweetie pie" in French

Apparently, “Choupinette” means “Sweetie pie” in French…



Once seated in the cozy little cafe, we placed our orders: a Ken’s Set ($10.00) and an Egg Royal’s ($21.00). Both of these come with a small fruit juice and any hot drink on their menu. I grabbed their Cappuccino  which to me was nothing spectacular.

Viennoiserie - Croissant

Viennoiserie - Croissant

 The Ken’s Set consist of a choice of any of their freshly baked viennoiserie. Wifey chose their Croissant and it was still warm and very nice with the butter & strawberry jam…

Eggs Royals

Eggs Royal's

The Eggs Royal’s – eggs on toast with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce… Everything was perfectly done: the poached eggs, the excellent smoked salmon, and the rich, creamy and buttery hollandaise sauce…  What I don’t agree with is its serve size… I am pretty sure… if I open my mouth wide enough, everything will be gone in two mouthfuls!!

Cheese Twist & Praline "Doughnut"

Cheese Twist & Praline "Doughnut"

So obviously, we were not satisfied by the Croissant & the Eggs Royals… We topped up our orders with a Cheese Twist ($1.80) and a huge Praline Doughnut ($2.90) which were rather good…

The bill came up to $40.37 and I thought it was quite pricey considering the serve size was rather pathetic for that price. Don’t think we will be back for brekkie… but we will definitely be back for their freshly baked viennoiserie.


My Final Rating: 7/10

607 Bukit Timah Road, #01-01 , Singapore


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