Yoshimaru Ramen Bar @ Holland Village

05 APR 2009

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar (Holland Village)

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar (Holland Village)

Walked pass a rather new outlet ‘Yoshimaru Ramen Bar‘ yesterday and decided to give it a go today. Apparently, Yoshimaru originates from Hakata, Kyushu, and Hakata Ramen is a distinctive ultra thin ramen served in a rich tonkotsu (pork bones) broth. Their menu is not as extensive as some of the bigger Ramen chains, so it is easy to decide what to go for.

I ordered a Moridakusan (All-in) Ramen ($15.00). Wifey ordered a  Tonkotsu TanTan Mian ($12.oo) with an extra serve of Kaaedama ($2.00), and hot Ocha (Green tea) for both ($2.00 each).

Moridakusan Ramen ($15.00)

Moridakusan Ramen ($15.00)

Moridakusan Ramen (Rating: 8.25/10) – Wow, this is excellent. The soup base was perfect for me. Thick, flavoursome, yet not overly salty. The noodle is really thin yet the Q-ness remains. Within the ‘all-in’ Ramen, there’s Seaweed, Mentaiko (nice!!), Char Siew, Japanese preserved veg… and the perfectly done Egg with its glorious still-runny yolk!! The fatty char siew, infused with the flavoursome broth was like sinful heavenly… Delicious!!

Tonkotsu TanTan Mian

Tonkotsu TanTan Mian

Tonkotsu TanTan Main (Rating: 8/10) – Wifey Tonkotsu TanTan Main was not far off too! The spiciness added depth to the Tonkotsu soup base, but I preferred mine with all the extra ingredients. The wondrous ‘Egg-still-with-runny-yolk’ was done to perfection as well!!

An extra serve of Kaaedama ($2.00)

An extra serve of Kaaedama ($2.00)

As Wifey was starving, the extra serve of Kaaedama (thin noodle) was needed. The soup was plentiful and was enough to accommodate the extra serving of noodles.

All up, inclusive of the nice hot green tea, service charge and GST, the bill comes up to $38.84… For the quality of the Ramen, it is definitely worth the price we paid. We will be back for more, and I know wifey is glad we found a nice Ramen place near our place!!


My Final Rating: 7/10

31 Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore


3 Responses to “Yoshimaru Ramen Bar @ Holland Village”

  1. missbossy Says:

    I love your blog layout: A1 for Readability.

    FYI – wherever you are housing your photos (fbcdn.net) it is getting blocked by my office proxy. As we subscribe to an external proxy service, this may be affecting a number of people who access your blog from work.

    If I’m not mistaken fbcdn.net is a Facebook domain which is probably at the top of sites blocked in workplaces. Most image sites (eg Flickr) are not blocked.

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    Well, I will have to re-think housing through Facebook.
    Maybe I will try Flickr 🙂


  3. missbossy Says:

    Livefilestore.com works too. Great!

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