The Soup Spoon @ Raffles City

14 FEB 2009

Backlog – We were down in Raffles City on Valentine’s Day and decided to stop by The Soup Spoon for a quick light lunch. Prices of the soups ranged from $5.60 to $6.90 (Regular) and $6.80 to $8.20 (Grande). As we were not that hungry, we thought of just sharing a large soup with a combo meal by adding $3.80 for an iced tea and a half-sandwich. I was tempted by their warm naans and ordered a serving of those as well.


Hearty Creamy Chicken Soup!!

Hearty Creamy Chicken Soup!!

Creamy Chicken Soup (Rating: 8/10) – I must say… the soup was pretty awesome. Creamy, great tasting, and with lots of delicious ingredients. Very hearty indeed!

Herbed Chicken Caesar Sandwich

Herbed Chicken Caesar Sandwich

Herbed Chicken Caesar (Rating: 4.5/10) – For the half-sandwich, we had the Herbed Chicken Caesar and had one word for it… Disappointing. The chicken is bland, and everything is dry like the desert! Thank goodness it was only a half-sandwich (equating to half the possible amount of agony). The accompanying Thai-styled salad was forgettable as well. 

Freshly made warm Naans...

Freshly made warm Naans...

Naans (Rating: 7.5/10) – The freshly made warm and crisp naans, tho not as good as the authentic ones found in Indian eateries did went very well with the soup… much better then the disastrous herbed chicken caesar!!

The Soup Spoon provide a range of soups that’s actually quite nice. I will definitely be back to try out their extensive range of gourmet soup. However, I think I will just stick to the soup and maybe the naans if they are available in any other outlets!!


My Final Rating: 6.5/10

252 North Bridge Road, #B1-75/76 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore


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