BBQ Chicken @ West Coast Plaza

22 FEB 2009

We reached BBQ Chicken @ West Coast Plaza a little over 2:00 pm.  Initially, I thought we missed the set lunch promotion, but the manager was kind enough to extend the set lunch which supposingly ended at 2:00pm. Each set lunch included a soup, a main dish, a drink and a single scoop of ice-cream.

Interior of BBQ Chicken

Interior of BBQ Chicken

As everyone was starving, we ordered 4 set lunches: Jerk BBQ ($13.90), Korean Charboiled ($13.90), and Hot Hot Drum X2 ($12.90 each)…

Baby niece ‘entertained’ us as we waited and the food arrived soon after…

Soup that came with the Set Lunch

Soup that came with the Set Lunch

First came the soup… It was average…

Korean Charboiled

Korean Charboiled

The Jerk BBQ and the Korean Charboiled was much alike, similar, but pretty decent in terms of their taste. The Jerk BBQ was slightly spicier and the Korean Charboiled appeared a little oily… But if they really use extra virgin olive oil to cook as they claimed, then I guess it still OK!




Now… I had a big issue with their Hot Hot Drum… THEY WERE DARN TOO SPICY!! I think my tolerance level for hot/spicy stuff is above average, but the Hot Hot Drum was still way too hot… I can feel my taste buds smothering away… I think some might had exploded upon contact with the Hot Hot Drum… Really felt like I was eating fire!! Send in the Fire Brigade… NOW!! Alas, I can’t taste much after forcing down one of the two Hot Drumstick… The ice-cream soon came and that helped to sooth the pain of my scorched taste buds…

Well, not sure if I’d be back for more of these flaming Chicken… I might come back to try their other stuffs… but definitely during the set promotion… Otherwise it’d be paying premium price for what I see as Fast-Food…


My Final Rating: 6/10

154 West Coast Road, #02-45 West Coast Plaza, Singapore


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